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Product Overview

With adjustable volume (up to 110 dB), customizable settings, and a variety of placement opportunities, the iSmartAlarm Satellite Siren provides complete emergency alerts and burglar deterrence. The compact size and 6’ detachable power cord allow placement anywhere – Under a couch, on a counter, in a bookshelf, etc. Battery backup provides continued protection for up to 2 days even if your power is cut! If someone triggers your iSmartAlarm Home Security System, you will received immediate push notifications, phone calls, text messages, and emails to alert you something is amiss. Satellite Sirens will be triggered and will ward off evil-doers with a piercing scream, letting them know you have home protection and you (and your neighbors) have been alerted that something is wrong. Whether you are home or away, an audible siren or alert is one of the best methods of preventing loss of property. The Satellite Siren also features multiple tones for possible future scenarios, can be used a door chime to alert you doors have been opened if you’re not in view, and multiple custom settings and mode options.

Product Specification

  • 110 dB upward firing siren for use with the iSmartAlarm Home Security System
  • Door chime and audible countdown settings
  • Adjustable siren volume
  • Battery Backup (3 AAA batteries, lasting up to 2 days)
  • 6’ cord
  • Multiple siren support - The limit for any combination of Sensors or Accessories like our Satellite Siren that you can add to your iSmartAlarm Home Security System's CubeOne™ is 70
  • Controlled via the iSmartAlarm app available for iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Requires our CubeOne™ central hub found in all of our Smart Home Security Packages


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