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Product Overview

Indoor levels of toxic substances are 40%-100% higher than outdoors. Therapy air ion is a state of the art air purifier solution, that keeps your living space air clean, purified and safe.

It is designed to remove from indoor air hazardous materials such as dust, allergens, microorganisms and odours including tobacco.

Product Characteristics

  • Area covered up to 40 sqm 
  • Elegant design, remote control, silent
  • Negative ion generator that improves metabolism
  • 5 different filters to remove air polution
    • Antistatic filter-removes larger particles of dust, mould and hair
    • Antibacterial medium filter
    • Hepa filter-eliminates smallest particles of dust, tobacco and microbes
    • Anti-allergic filter for allergens
    • Activated carbon filter as a deodorant
  • Electricity cost-around 2 euros per month per 8 hour daily use
  • Change of filters once a year under usual conditions 
  • Products works on auto mode and adapts speed according to quality of air
  • Sensor for air quality turns red when air is contaminated

Areas of application

  • In bedrooms, especially for children
  • In living rooms, in kitchens particularly in open plan arrangements where cooking smell spreads to the living room
  • For nursery schools where microbes from ill children spread in the classroom
  • For people with allergies and asthma
  • For medical spaces such as surgery rooms and waiting rooms
  • For offices suffering from heavy dust and smoke
  • Easy to move (7kg) can be transferred from one room to the other


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