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Shining Jins Enterprise Co., Ltd. engaged in manufacturing and supply precision, high quality cold forged and machined parts to numerous markets in Taiwan.                    Our production capacity :-General industrial applications forging and cold-forming metal partsSeamless Pipe series products and polygon cutting machining processVarious thread forming and rolling machiningAutomobile and Motorcycle cold forging partsHeaded rivet, plug bolt and pin for castersShafts & special-headed metal partsCustom made cold forged fastenersCold forging loud-Speaker partsForged and Turned metal partsForged Fitting AdaptersRoller and collar pipeEngineering componentPower Tools parts SHINING JINS ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.No.107, Lane 530, Sec. 1, Guoji Road, Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan.Tel: +886-3-361 0638  Fax: +886-3-367 7527Web: http://www.shiningjins.comE-mail:

Product Specification

Advantages of cold forged products:

    Significant material saving – cold forged product is directly shaped and strengthening through plastic deformation, and thus cold forged product provide very significant cost saving over cast or machined metal products. The material saving is very significant in a high volume production, and even more so if the forged product requires expensive materials.

    No heating is required – cold forged product is directly shaped without heat expansion and cold contraction, and thus cold forged product has superior surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

    Superior dimensional Accuracy – advanced teeth forging technology can produce forged product with JIS class 3-4 precision. No machining process is required.

    High production rate – cold forged product has very short production cycle. Large volume of forged products can be produced quickly.

    Exceptional forging die life – forging die used in cold forging process has exceptional die life. Forging die are typically made with very expensive material. Cold forging process provides significant cost saving, because forging die used in cold forging process rarely needs to be replaced.

    Better mechanical properties – unlike hot forging, the inclusion and grains distortion of a cold forged product follow the contour of the forged product’s surface and thus the cold forged product has better mechanical properties.

    Minimized contamination – producing metal parts using cold forging process produce less contamination than any other manufacturing processes.



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