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Product Overview

Baxter Research Robot is an affordable humanoid robot platform loaded with embedded features and sensors. Its remarkable value allows even small organizations to enjoy big features typically associated with much more expensive solutions.

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Product Specification

1. Safe & User Friendly

This smart and collaborative robot works with human safely without being separated by protective fence. Adopting series elastic actuators technology, reverse drive motor technology, environment perception technology and embedded force sensing technology. Baxter is able to conform to human's movement and stops once be touched by obstacle.

2. Smart and Easy to Use

Teach hand by 'hand'. Needing no professional programming engineer nor complex programming code, Baxter studies and store information automatically when hands are pulled and dragged by people. From unpack, installment, training to application, Baxter costs only 1 to 2 hours, saving deploying and debugging time of the product line and improving production efficiency significantly.

3. Accurate and Flexible
Landmark patented technology and embedded visual system enable Baxter and Sawyer to manage and adapt to changeable environment. By remembering the original position, Robot Positioning System (RPS) allows robot to orientate automatically and compensate displacement. Unique compliance control technology helps Baxter and Sawyer switch swiftly in different application scenarios and complete practical application that requiring 0.1mm accuracy.


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