Magnetic Thermal Cracking Machine

Product Overview

We are a trading company based in Tokyo and Shanghai, with various products and services, which include environmental products, software and real estate.

Currently, we are looking for reselling partners for a hardware/machinery known as the Magnetic Thermal Cracking Machines or a Magnetic Pyrolysis Furnace.

The machine is made in Japan, but it will be shipped and assembled in the country of use.

Basically, the machine will turn all organic matter into coal and then ash. There are numerous benefits of the system, one of the benefits is that it does not create harmful gases such as dioxin, as the mechanism does not involve "burning" of matter, but rather the matter is thermally decomposed.

The second benefit is that the process and machine needs only minimal electricity, as the machine runs on it own energy generated from the heat from the thermal decomposition.

The Magnetic Thermal Cracking Machine is ideal for processing of manure in chicken farms and pig farms, processing of industrial waste such as tires and furniture.

Thermal decomposition of organic matter is not a phenomenon that occurs easily, but it can be accomplished by combining several conditions, such as the location of the calculated core heat source, the structure inside the crucible, and the convection of the gas inside the crucible.

It is offered in two sizes; 2m3 and 5m3, but there are major reasons for those sizes. Although we receive requests for large size machines such as 10m3 and 50m3, there is no advantage to having a large size. If it becomes more than 5m3 in size, it is necessary to weld and combine materials (iron plate etc.) in the same way as building a house. If it is 2m3 size, one 20-foot container including exhaust gas treatment equipment can transport it, and even if it is 5m3 type, 40-foot container can transport it. Assuming that the daily processing volume (the amount of waste) is about 10t, 5m3 type is sufficient.

We believe that this machine will be ideal in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, where there is a high percentage of farming but lacking in infrastructure to process waste.

Product Dimensions

Height: 117 Inches

Width: 72 Inches

Depth: 64 Inches

Weight: KG


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