Horse Dreams
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My work is a product of a flow of unconsciousness. The images you see are unique. They represent my life history, my energy, psychology, philosophy, experience, and memories. The journey I present to you is my own personal Rorschach test.

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High quality oil on canvas paintings produced using a unique non-brush technique that allows for a unique finish, texture, and is impossible to replicate exactly the same finish twice. These paintings are truly unique pieces to invest in as a watershed in the proclamation of a brave-new art world by the artist. The genre is a rare concept in art known as Neo-Gothic, which further adds to the rarity of these type of work. The artist often gives the viewer a multi-dimensional aspect so that something new will be discovered another day. The paintings are his personal Rorasch Test. 
The artist was selected in 2015 by the Global Art Agency as the future of investable artists, and by Time Out magazine Cyprus as the future of Cypriot artists.


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