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Globe  EWA -  an educational 3D model of the Earth for self-assembly. It gives a general idea of the location of continents and oceans, provides an excellent opportunity to watch, choose and show the important places on the planet. The ideal model for home and office from environmentally friendly materials.

The compass, wind rose, graduated stand, the main characteristics of the planet - applied to the structural elements. Globe is equipped with a secret niche. Upon rotation of certain gears allows access to the mechanical elements inside the structure, which, when pressed, makes it possible to put forward a secret compartment. The size of a hidden compartment: 210 * 140 * 65 mm.

Globe formed in several colors of high quality plywood using a water-based paint. A perfect gift for caring parents, for curious children, for teachers and students to travelers and dreamers.

Size model assembled: 505 * 320 * 320 mm.

The choice of colors is carried out at the order of the model.

Assembling is performed without an adhesive.

Number of components: 393

Scale 1: 44,000,000

Product Dimensions

Height: Inches

Width: Inches

Depth: Inches

Weight: 3 KG


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