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Resisens is an automatic flushing system for urinals. The intelligent sensor measures through plastic and ceramic surfaces when the urinal is used. Based on this data, the urinal will flush. Thanks to this innovative technology, the system is completely invisible and resistant to vandalism. 220V or 6V with litium battery pack

Product Specification

The Resisens flushing system is easy and quick to install. The sensor is secured to the back of the urinal with the supplied high-tack silicone. After placing the hoses for the water supply, and connecting the power supply with the extension cable, the system is operational. The urinal is attached to the wall and activated using the Smart Key. The system is ready for use; no further action is required. The system was specifically designed to be easily integrated into most existing models of urinals with a back inlet.

Resisens has all the features you expect in a flushing system (stadium modus, 24h flush, adjustable flushing volumes,...) and more! When the urinal is clogged, the system will automatically shutdown and prevent flooded bathrooms. Since the sensor detects urine (not just the presence of a person nearby), the system will only flush when necessary.


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