Portable Industrial Power - MFC 200
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Product Overview

MFC 200 offers extremely long endurance power in the field compared to other alternatives. It is as quiet as a whisper and has minimal carbon emissions. Its integrated fuel cell uses an electrochemical process to generate electricity with few moving parts. The MFC 200 is fuelled by a safe and economical methanol-water blend. The MFC 200 fuel cell system can be configured to connect directly to your load to provide constant, prime power, or connect to your battery.

Product Specification

  •  Uses low-volatility fuel
  •  Robust industrial construction and metal casing
  •  Near-silent operation, few moving parts
  •  Ensures batteries are always charged
  •  Perfect to support wind and/or solar power
  •  Remote monitoring and control functionality
  •  Environmentally friendly, extremely efficient
  •  Mobile, light and compact 


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