MP series High Flow Pleated Cartridges replace to 3M Cuno 7000
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DescriptionHigh Flow Pleated Cartridges have high particle removal efficiency and strong contaminant holding capability. PP pleated high flow cartridges utilize polypropylene end caps, outer netting and inner hard core help to protect the radial pleated structure integrity and provide consistent performance and good quality for effective particle retention. Pleated high flow cartridges can directly 100% replace to 3M Cuno 7000 and 740B high flow series filter element. Feature1. All polypropylene filter media construction and have wide chemical compatibility2. Using the high flow pleated cartridges can save the replacement cost, manpower and space3. High flow cartridge filters have high contaminant holding capacity due to the large filtration area4. Pleated high flow cartridges are consistent high particle removal efficiencies throughout filter long life5. The unique radial pleat design of high flow cartridges lead to high flow rate and good filtration efficiency6. Pleated high flow cartridge filters system requires 90% fewer filters as competitive 2.5" water filter systems for a given flow rate7. All raw materials are FDA compliant and 100% integrity testing for high flow cartridge filters, directly replace to 3M Cuno high flow series filter element Application1. Refining2. Process Waters3. Machine Coolants4. Boiler Condensate5. Pre-RO Filtration6. Petroleum Chemical Industry7. Injection & Produced Waters8. Ground/Reclaimed/Waste Waters 

Product Specification


Filter Media:Polypropylene

Length:20"(508mm), 40"(1016mm), 60"(1524mm)

Outside Diameter:6 inch (152.4mm)

Inside Diameter:3 inch (76.2mm)

Filtration Rating:1?m, 3?m, 5?m, 10?m, 20?m, 50?m, 70?m


End Cap Material:Glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene(PP)

Seal Material:EPDM, Buna-N, Silicon


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