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Product Overview

* Larger base (23,5 X 13,5 cm) with modern design with rounded corners to meet demanding customers;


* New height meter (Frankfurt plane) with higher contact bridge and design with smooth lines;


* New reading indicator with enlarged size for easy viewing of height;


* New measuring ruler system with precise and smooth fit system;


* New and exclusive ruler stabilizer with "T" design with distance adjustment that provides vertical and horizontal stabilization of the equipment


* New sliding fit system at the bottom of the base to avoid friction on the scale when being transported;


* Avanutri quality equipment 15 years of technology;


* Improvements in the total finish of the pieces with texture to facilitate the hygiene;


* Standardization of colors (Base, meter, ruler and stabilizer) to meet the new Avanutri concept;


* Equipment tested and certified by the most important Institute of Metrology of Brazil - IMI - INMETRO;


* Patent: No. BR 30 2018 054226 6

Product Dimensions

Height: 2,10 Inches

Width: 23,513,5 Inches

Depth: Inches

Weight: KG


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