1. Who are we?

We are a team of entrepreneurs and professionals who aim to bring change in the reality we live and experience on a daily basis. Our company is based in Cyprus, one of the most strategic places in the world. We've dealt extensively with B2B and B2C sales in a variety of sectors and we have been an exclusive importer of some of the latest energy efficiency products from Germany, USA and UK.

2. What is TradeLizard?

An eCommerce platform for suppliers and buyers who need simple ways to save time, effort and money. We've designed and built TradeLizard from scratch with one goal in mind: to become a vital partner for you. How? By fully presenting your company and products to thousands of buyers, by keeping the product quality and standards to the highest level, by focusing mainly on technology and innovation, by creating a solid network and by building advanced tools for wholesale and retail. In a nutshell we offer you a complete service, from listing your products to getting paid.

3. What does it cost?

A small investment suitable for companies of any size and individuals. Please check our monthly plans to learn about all the benefits you receive.

4. Who’s using it?

From established manufacturers to dedicated resellers and from online retailers to startups who have just finished with the production of the first batch of their newly developed product. Last but not least, thousands of buyers from all over the world who are continuously searching for interesting products like yours.

5. We are already selling online. What can you do for us?

That’s great. It means we can help you enhance your results with more exposure while saving on your operating costs. You can also use our tools to interact with your existing clients.

6. We are an OEM Manufacturer, can TradeLizard be of service?

Definitely, this is a place to make new cooperations with other companies. You can also deal with you existing clients here because you get tools that make your life easier.

7. What makes you different?

We work for you so that you see results and when you do, we help you handle them smoothly and effectively. We are also addressing to old-school suppliers who do not have the necessary experience with web platforms and guarantee that they will be delighted to find out how easy and effective it is to use TradeLizard, even if you've only been sending emails from your pc.

8. We work mostly with custom products. Can you help?

One of our first objectives was to create an offer system that serves custom product requests from your potential customers. It enables you to understand the features and style your customer wants and send your offer based on that.

9. We are not looking to export at this stage. Can we still use TradeLizard?

Definitely. Consider it as an additional sales channel in your local market. Right now the trend is to step away from your website by creating multiple points of access to the customer. Also, if you don’t have a website where you can take orders, then you have another reason to use TradeLizard.

10. We wouldn’t be able to cope with additional orders. How can we benefit?

It looks like it’s time for your business to grow. This means that you may need to invest in new equipment, larger premises and more people. By the time you do that, you will already have created awareness to your chosen markets with a small investment on TradeLizard ;]

11. We are already spending a lot every year for attending local and international Trade Shows. Should we join?

Trade Shows are one of the best ways for a manufacturer to get exposure and expand business. But they cost a lot and they take a lot of time in preparation, before, during and after. We are here to tell you that you can use other alternatives that are a lot less costly and time-consuming and give you remarkable results. TradeLizard is like a continuous online trade show with 200.000 visitors from all over the world. They have access to your detailed page and products and the possibility to interact with you to learn more and ultimately buy your product.

12. How can our products fit with other products on TradeLizard?

As you probably observed, we focus mainly on technology-related products that have a touch of innovation. Yet we wouldn't say no to an innovative painting or a state-of-the-art adventure jacket. Wherever you go, be it your own factory or showroom, a Trade Expo, or an online platform, you will surely have neighbors trying to sell their own products. This is often a good thing because nowadays, interest can be spread across different disciplines and for different reasons. A buyer who may have come looking for another type of product can feel like they hit the jackpot after discovering your product, and vice versa ;|