iSmart Alarm

Company Name

iSmart Alarm Inc

Company Overview

iSmart Alarm, Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012 on the principles of safety, beauty, and intelligence. We are pioneers and leaders in the best smartphone-enabled home security and home control system industry, with rave reviews from CNET, Digital Trends, PC Mag, and others. The sleek, easy-to-use system utilizes a smartphone and tablet app to put home security and home control in the palm of its users' hands.

iSmartAlarm products have won national and international awards including the CEA Mark of Excellence, Red Dot Product Design Award, and PC Mag's Editor's Choice Awards. The iSmartAlarm Home Security System was featured in Coldwell Banker's "25 Smart Home Technologies that Matter Most to Home Buyers" and has been named CNET's Best DIY Home Security System for 3 straight years. iSmartAlarm products are sold nationally and internationally.

My Products

Spot - Smart Camera. Smart Price.

Spot is the world's leading DIY smart home security camera that includes all of the features and options you would want from a smart home security camera in an amazing package — 2-way audio, Night vision, HD resolution streaming video, motion detection, audio detection, zoom, local video storage (requires MicroSD card and stores up to 32 GB locally) AND free cloud video storage (does not require a MicroSD card). ...

Price: 99.00

iCamera KEEP - HD video security with pan and tilt controls

The iCamera KEEP provides HD on-demand streaming video with FREE cloud video recording and storage, motion and sound detection, night vision, and more. Control what you see with 350° x 40° motorized pan and tilt and 4x digital zoom, and take snapshots of any activity....

Price: 149.00

iCamera KEEP Pro

The iCamera KEEP Pro is simply the most advanced and targeted way to monitor a home's security. Motion Tracking is groundbreaking in the DIY smart home security camera industry - The camera will automatically pan and tilt 350°x40° to follow activity anywhere in case of intruder or danger. When a noise is identified or motion is detected, the camera will immediately react, record, and notify users of emergencies. Sound Recognition algorithms provide immediate notifications if they detect smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm sirens to keep families out of danger. The iCamera KEEP Pro has 1080p HD resolution streaming video, free cloud video recording and storage, onboard 24/7 continuous local video recording storage (with up to 32 GB Micro SD), brilliant night vision at over 30 feet, 8x digital zoom with lossless zoom, intelligent motion detection, sound detection, two-way audio, and a simple voice-guided setup in less than 3 minutes. Users can manually record activity or automatically record based on dozens of settings they can choose. All features are controlled through the simple, intuitive, and award-winning iSmartAlarm app, available for iOS and Android devices. The camera can be used stand-alone with dual-band Wi-Fi communication, or up to 10 cameras can be linked to the iSmartAlarm Home Security System for complete home security with free phone, email, SMS text, and push notifications in case of emergencies. The iCamera KEEP Pro, as with the entire iSmartAlarm Home Security System and suite of cameras and products, has no monthly fees, no setup fees, and no contracts - All features and costs are completely up-front. The design, amazing feature list, mounting and placement options, and groundbreaking Motion Tracking technology make the iCamera KEEP Pro the best camera for home security on the market....

Price: 199.00

iSmart Motion Sensor

Adding Motion Sensors to your iSmartAlarm Home Security System provides additional security throughout your home. The sensor instantly notifies the system of movement in any area of the home, and can trigger the CubeOne™’s 110 dB siren to frighten away intruders. With motion detection capabilities up to 30 feet away, you can adjust the sensitivity settings and angles of the sensor to best fit your needs and lifestyle. Up to 80 Sensors can be added to the self-monitored, self-controlled wireless security system, and iSmartAlarm has no monthly fees or contracts to worry about. The iSmartAlarm app allows you to arm, disarm and monitor your security system from your iPhone and Android device at any time, from anywhere. If you need additional security for your iSmartAlarm DIY Smart Home Security System, Motion Sensors are a great way to cover large areas and will give you the protection you need....

Price: 33.00

iSmart Satellite Siren

With adjustable volume (up to 110 dB), customizable settings, and a variety of placement opportunities, the iSmartAlarm Satellite Siren provides complete emergency alerts and burglar deterrence. The compact size and 6’ detachable power cord allow placement anywhere – Under a couch, on a counter, in a bookshelf, etc. Battery backup provides continued protection for up to 2 days even if your power is cut! If someone triggers your iSmartAlarm Home Security System, you will received immediate push notifications, phone calls, text messages, and emails to alert you something is amiss. Satellite Sirens will be triggered and will ward off evil-doers with a piercing scream, letting them know you have home protection and you (and your neighbors) have been alerted that something is wrong. Whether you are home or away, an audible siren or alert is one of the best methods of preventing loss of property. The Satellite Siren also features multiple tones for possible future scenarios, can be used a door chime to alert you doors have been opened if you’re not in view, and multiple custom settings and mode options....

Price: 35.00