anti-oil rubber gloves

Company Name

Dongying Lake Petroleum Technology Company., Ltd.

Company Overview

[Name]: thickened acid and alkali latex gloves

[Length]: L code 30cm / 35cm / 40cm / 50cm

[Color]: black + orange inside the double layer

[Packing]: 1 double / independent packaging, 10 pairs / bundle, 200 pairs / pieces

[Weight]:about L code 30cm80g L code 35cm148g, L code 45cm270g, L code 55cm320g

[Material]: 100% natural latex

[Function]: waterproof, Naisuan Jian, soft and flexible, tear-resistant

[Features]: industrial gloves is a kind of gloves, it is different from the general gloves, processed by the latex, thick and thin. Industrial gloves / rubber gloves than the average latex gloves thick, durable, with a high degree of dexterity, wearing a very comfortable, and a high strength. Low pinhole rate, with excellent sealing protection characteristics. Oil, acid and alkali, wear can be used repeatedly, suitable for industrial, chemical, electroplating, automotive, household and other industries!