XL Group

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XL Group

Company Overview

XL Group buys products from small & medium manufacturers and resells them overseas by partnering with importer / wholesalers and / or distributors to effectively resell these products to end-user, creating a presence for your products on a geographically complete scale.  XL Group willlocate ideal partners for your productmuch quicker than you could and take on all the travel expenses.  We will work as your sales and marketing extension on an ongoing basis in the local language to promote your products and create long term profitable distribution channels.  XL Group meets in person with its dealers to establish the ever important loyalty relationship.  By letting XL Group do the export leveraging, you:

- increase sales, profit and cash flow by staying out of difficult financial transactions 

- decrease your sales and marketing expenses,

- increase market stability,

- double the size of your company in a short period

- decrease liability exposure