Truc Lam Quan Tue JSC

Company Name

Truc Lam Quan Tue JSC

Company Overview

My name is Linda - an export sale at Truc Lam Quan Tue JSC. Our company thanks to inheriting and developing all the resources, with 30 years’ experience of top Vietnamese experts in the field of agarwood industry, our mission are:

- Researching and transfering techniques of seedling, planting, caring, and creating agarwood from Aquilaria crassna Pierre trees

- Manufacturing probiotics to create agarwood resin  according to the social demands

- Transfering technology of probiotics production to create biological agarwood - Transfering technology of producing biological agarwood

- Researching and transfering technology of biological agarwood essential oil distillation and refining

- Manufacturing high-end agarwood essential oil with the highest purity

- Manufacturing agarwood products: agarwood chips; agarwood incense cone; agarwood incense sticks with core; agarwood non-wood core incense sticks; spiral agarwood incense coils;…

And our stratergies:

- Collaborating with the farmers on growing aquilaria crassna Piere plantations; on developing aquilaria crasna Piere – cultivating areas to supply raw agarwood materials for both domestic and oversea markets, which also contributes to improve Vietnamese farmers’ life quality especially in central provinces.

- At this stage, fully utilizing technology of manufacturing probiotics to create agarwood resin is now the best effective one in Vietnam until there are other replacing methods

- Focusing on researching techniques of using probiotics to create agarwood resin, which produce qualified agarwood products  replacing existing poorquality and low value ones in the market.

- Cooperating with domestic and oversea partners to promote agarwood production from Aquilaria crasna Piere trees, asserting Vietnamese agarwood’s position in the market of countries in the region.

- All products manufactured by Tram Tue must comply with the strict rules of original source management, supplying chain management, high quality assurance, health  benefits . Tram Tue commits not to produce goods with toxic chemicals, all Tram Tue’s products are chemical–free.

My Products

Agar Oud Wood Cone Incense

Commodity: Agarwood  incense cone...

Price: 0.00


Commodity: Agarwood incense stick...

Price: 0.00

Vietnam Pure Essential Agarwood Oil

My company of manufacturing and exporting high quality agarwood products to the market of the world as Middle East countries,…with the highest value, best competitive price. Agarwood oil used in medicine or the production of perfumes – 100% nature agarwood, no-chemical, no toxic....

Price: 20000.00