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With a unique finishing touch and look DUNCA fulfills people love of beauty and desire for perfection, and brings this pleasure into people’s everyday life. The care we put into the craftsmanship of our products by reducing weight, slimming the profile and using the best materials, will offer unstylish looking phone case.

   We are DUNCA. We bring revolution in your pocket.





   The name DUNCA comes from the creator of the revolutionary DUNCA HYPER CAR. While working on the most incredible car in the world, Dunca was inspired with the idea to design and create the most incredible and unique phone case ever built.

The primary objective was to maintain the beauty of the iPhone, protect and enhance its sleek look without adding any volume or weight!


   Inspired by the novelty of hypercars, DUNCA use Vacuum Forming technology and carbon fiber found in the development of its most coveted car, in the process of manufacturing the sleekest, strongest and lightest phone cases in the world, measuring 0.2mm in thickness, 3-4 times thinner than other carbon fiber phone case out there.

   The remarkable material with advanced forming techniques brings  beauty, protection and style. With this technique we were able to achieve our  goal of building a thinner and stonger phone case without compromising  the integrity and beauty of the smartphones we aim to protect.

   Our case will dress your iPhone and feel like silk cloth on your body




   Our iphone case its not just the strongest but also the most elastic carbon fiber  iphone case in the world. Because of the the ease of removing it you can buy more of our colors and  you can change it every day orseveral times a day  to match your clothing.

   DUNCA’s mission is to enrich people’s life by adding color and style when you need it the most. Accesorize your iphone to reflect and enhance a more  sophisticated version of yourself.

My Products

iPhone X Jacquard Yellow Carbon and Aramid fiber case


Price: 54.00

iPhone X Jacquard Orange Stripes carbon and Aramid fiber case


Price: 59.00

iPhone X Jacquard Red carbon and Aramid fiber case


Price: 54.00