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Painting has always been my favourite way of expression. My love for colours and shapes was enhanced by my studies in fashion design. Shawn Parvis said that "What you dream as a child is what you will achieve as an adult". In 1997 I traveled to India to find my childhood dream under the guidance of Shantiswarup, where I was reborn as an artist. I was a student for two years and in my free time I practiced Hatha - Yoga and Indian Orissa Dance. The stories I heard about Goddess Aphrodite led me to visit Cyprus and draw her. My collections are insired by life experiences and form a collage of emotions that nature herself helps in placing them in a creative form. In my experience, colours can alter human emotions and an artist can convey joy or grief to the spectator. I tend to use alive colours because I want people to be joyful. Van Gogh's phrase always rings in my ears: "If you hear a voice within you saying that you can't draw, then draw and the voice will go silent"

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Every morning as a Phoenix I rise from the ashes and enter a day of adventures and challenges...

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Recording our band's first CD with an electric guitar. Rukmini Band...

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