Nutrim Ltd.

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Nutrim Ltd.

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Nutrim Ltd was established in 1993. In its 25 years history we have been affirmed as a company - leader in the development and production of foods, beverages and supplements with special purpose – for sportsmen and people, subject to extreme physical loads, for patients with different illness, as well as for common consumers. A team of leading specialists in the field of nutrition is engaged in collaboration with leading world high tech labs and raw materials suppliers for designing new formulas for optimal nutrition. Nutrim’s products are with excellent both taste and technological qualities. Their composition is in compliance with all recommendations of consensus committees in each of the areas which concern specialized nutrition, including those of American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) which are mentioned for sports nutrition and recovery. Our products are in full accordance with European legislation – Directive 1999/21/EU and Directive 2002/46/EU.

Nutrim has integrated system of quality management and control of critical control points ISO 9001/HACCP, certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

Since 2009 Nutrim is included in the register of the approved dealers of NATO.

My Products

FLAPJACK 3 flavours


Price: 0.82

Crispy Bites 2 flavours


Price: 0.82

Whey Vanilla Protein Bar

Provides 202 kcal (853 kJ of energy).• Enriched with vitamins.• Effectively replaces one meal or protein shake.• Noble vanilla flavor and excellent taste.• Can be with you anytime, on the track, on the pitch or in the gym.• Suitable for weight reducing diets....

Price: 1.04