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Career Pages Inc

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By 2018 the Small Business Sector in North America alone will be host to nearly 9 million active small business employers (6-100 employees) desperately competing to find and retain employees able to provide a competitive customer experience for their business.

The overall turnover rate within the small business sector hovers at 62% annually compared to 14% in the corporate sector.

  Career Pages Platform will be a game changer for small business employers, simply by upgrading their current ‘walk-in application’ process to online and much more accessible, offering simple tools to create a professional employer brand, promote their business culture, post & share jobs to local job seekers through their Career Page / Virtual Applicant Tracking System(ATS). 

 Career Pages Small Business Solutions helps deploy talent attraction, engagement, and integrated social media recruiting for employers who wish to have an online reputation, driving traffic directly to their Career Page with links to their website and social media pages, enabling further relevant engagement.

650,000 Small Business Employers will be forced to shut down this year, predominately by the inability to attract, hire & retain quality employees in order to remain competitive.

  99% of small businesses currently do not have a Career Page or              Applicant Tracking System(ATS)