BLE Mobile Apps - Beacon iOS and Android App Development

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BLE Mobile Apps - Beacon iOS and Android App Development

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Innovations are a part of the world of technology. BLE is one such novel technology which enables apps to operate on low energy. BLE mobile apps offer the best business advantage. With more than six years of experience in the field of mobile apps development, the company has gained expertise in creating cutting-edge mobile applications. After the implementation of this innovative technology, the company has been successful in deploying more than 15 BLE powered mobile applications. Come achieve success using this razor-sharp technology which sets you apart from your competitors.

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iBeacon is Apple Inc.’s implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology standard, which enables Mobile Apps (both iOS and Android) to receive signals from beacons and exchange information within short distances. In essence, iBeacon technology allows the beacon hardware to determine the proximity and location of nearby devices and establish connection between the physical and digital world. It provides personalized user experience and serves as an ideal solution for the enterprises as they can target customers on one-to-one basis and market their products or services....

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