What Are The Most Difficult Products To Sell B2B?

Alex M. - Founder 08-08-2018 1 Comments

There are two ways to look at it, first by where you stand on the supply chain and secondly by the types of products you are selling.

If you are a supplier or manufacturer you are selling solely to other companies (importers, resellers, distributors) whatever the product may be. Today many manufacturers sell directly to consumers globally through their websites or online marketplaces, something that disrupts the chain.

Depending on the product a reseller may choose to sell to consumers or to businesses. For example we used to import energy efficiency devices that could be used for homes or businesses. We decided to address to businesses because they had higher electricity consumption (therefore higher need to save) and many more premises that could be served with the installation of our products, meaning higher deals!

If you are a retailer who’s buying stationary products from a wholesaler with the purpose to put them in your shop then you are most likely targeting consumers even though some companies may buy larger quantities to satisfy their needs and you may address them with offers.

Certain products are meant to be sold to both businesses and consumers, like computers, furniture, a/c units and stationary while some are tilting to either one side or the other, again it depends on the stage of the supply chain. For example, mobile phones are tilting to the consumer side when sold by retailers (businesses may also buy them for employees but it’s not always the case) but going backwards, mobile phones are sold from the manufacturer to the local resellers (businesses) who in turn sell them to both retailers (businesses) and consumers.

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