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Imagine if one day the earth’s total wealth would be equally distributed to the whole population. A $241 trillion divided by 7 billion people, an amount of $34428 for each and every person on the planet.

Let's say that the amount is given either in cash or in the form of tangible assets or commodities. It sounds like a fair annihilation of the classes. How long do you believe it would last?

I don’t like betting but in this case I will make an exception and give a maximum of 3 minutes before the first transactions begin to take place: cash for goods, services for cash, goods for services and so on. It would be like resetting a watch or restarting a game. Let’s now check if the world is a fair place.

A man who got $34428 in cash needed somewhere to live; he found a house shared by 5 co-owners and bought a room for $5000. Now his total wealth is $29428 plus the room he owns. Each of the co-owners got $1000 in their pocket for giving a portion of their property. They still have the same net worth, theoretically; the only difference is that a portion of their asset has been liquified. When they decided to buy a consumable commodity to keep warm during the winter they converted a total of $500 into fuel that was consumed by the end of the season.

The fuel seller had to eat during the winter so he spent the $500. He consumed all food way before the end of the season so the second time he went to sell his fuel, he decided to double the price. This time, the house owners paid $1000 for the same quantity of fuel. The food seller happened to also raise the price so when the fuel seller paid in turn a much higher price for the same quantity of food, he felt that he must triple his price next time in order to cope with inflation.

The above chain of events drove most people to deception, some into stealing and some even to killing. The stronger ones gained more money and assets and started to impose on the rest. The weak had to obey or otherwise be forced to die from starvation.

Some of the stronger ones were also cleverer. They formed alliances of which they became leaders. A leader took more risks, came up with solutions and commanded respect to his subordinates; he therefore gained more power and wealth.

Many leaders flourished in the general scenery and began competing with each other for power. The strongest of them formed alliances with other leaders and became the leaders of the leaders. This made them even more powerful and wealthy.

Eventually the world would go back to "normal", the leaders being a minority and the followers a majority. These new leaders would not necessarily be the same leaders as before but ones with similar characteristics who got their chance this time.

This is our world, a real projection of the theory of evolution, the strongest, smartest and most adaptable to change, survive. 

Alex M.

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