The 10 Benefits of Exporting

Alex M. - Founder 18-07-2018 1 Comments

Here's a list of the TEN important reasons on why you need to start exporting today: 

  1. Increased Sales. Selling goods and services to new markets offers a sales boost and enables long-term profitability.
  2. A company that is not dependent on a single market is crisis-proof.
  3. The preparation to enter foreign markets makes a company more competitive and improves the quality of its products as well as the quality of its service.
  4. Companies that export may participate in international trade shows in order to gain share from the international marketplace.
  5. Increased production to satisfy foreign customer needs often reduces per unit costs and increases profit.
  6. Less Risk. Selling to multiple markets allows companies to diversify their business and spread their risk.
  7. Company Expansion. The required presence in foreign markets creates the need for a company to expand into new offices abroad and hire new employees. This adds to the company status as well and customers take the company more seriously.
  8. Companies whose products or services are only used at certain seasons domestically are be able to sell their products in different geographical coordinates throughout the year.
  9. Going global brings new and valuable ideas and lessons from competitors and generally makes a company better.
  10. Product Creative Adaptation. A company’s product may adapt in very creative ways to the ways of a given market’s culture and have a great impact on customers of that market.

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2018-08-06 01:08:45

Yes, these are all very good reasons, thank you for sharing