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The reality: money is a necessity equivalent to oxygen. We need it constantly, on every step, otherwise we starve.

The difference between money and oxygen is that the latter can be found in large quantities in the atmosphere, for free. Money must be earned. (We could go back to hunting or fishing for survival but the majority of us prefer life in the city.)

There are seven ways to earn money:

1. Selling something tangible (product) in return of money
2. Selling something intangible (service) in return of money
3. Receiving a donation from a third-party
4. Crime (ex. robbery or drug trafficking)
5. Luck (ex. winning the lottery)
6. Gambling (combination of skills and luck)
7. Investing (in a tangible or intangible manner) in something that brings multiplied income in the future

Nowadays, we prepare from childhood for things considered to be far beyond a process of mere survival.In most cases we are doing a long preparation in order to choose between number 1 and 2; what service or product we want to offer to the world in return of cash. Number 3 is normally the way we start our lives. It's often used at the early life of a business. Numbers 4, 5 and 6 are for most of us out of the list of options. Number 7 has a great percentage of unpredictability; for this reason it's reserved for those who choose to risk. A new business usually uses a combination of numbers 1 or 2 with 7. This means for example that a great product or service has been developed as a result of time, effort and money investment. At this point the expectation is that this investment will bring an estimated return in the near future and in the long run.

Based on statistics, the probability to fail is greater than the probability to succeed. We often give up before we even start or when we do start we are overwhelmed by difficulties and discontinue our efforts. And often, forces we can’t see change the course of our efforts. For instance, a global crisis that affects entire economies, markets, businesses, and people's lives.

The good news is that under these conditions many are forced to create something fresh and useful for others. Creativity, skills, persistence and interacting with the right people are important factors that lead to success, together with the desire to differentiate. Money is the mere byproduct of the above.

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2018-08-06 01:11:09

Excellent. Healthy attitude towards money is vital !