Why TradeLizard Is The Best Choice For Your eCommerce Experience

Alex M. - Founder 20-05-2018 1 Comments

Let's go straight into the subject. 

1. Very friendly UI (User Interface), non-chaotic, NO pop-ups, NO Advertising

2. Easy-to-Use, even if your main achievement so far on a computer has been to send emails. We strived to make TradeLizard a simple and straightforward platform in order to serve more users who may lack some important skills, yet, they would like to be present in the worldwide technological shift. 

3. Serves both, B2B and B2C type of relations with specially developed tools and a well-designed structure for presentation, communication, requests, offers, orders, payments and monthly stats. 

4. Low-cost, ideal for any size of companies, startups and business-oriented individuals. Though our value is not based on pricing this is an additional benefit we offer you for now. 

5. TradeLizard saves you time and money - no need to travel frequently to Trade Shows in the other side of the world, no need to build an e-shop in order to sell online and most importantly, you can now focus on what you do best, your product and your customers. 

6. Strict focus on technology, quality and innovation. For those who see into the future, this is your opportunity to develop or find some of the latest products on the global market and start selling them today.

7. Access a unique system for custom product requests and offers. Choose your favourite products and make sure you get the customisation you want. Receive specific requests from buyers and fill-in the gaps to a complete offer. 

8. Free Plan for Sellers available. This gives you the opportunity to list up to 3 of your products for free plus more benefits. This may change in the future so take advantage now!

9. No commission on sales for subscribed sellers. This means you can sell as much as you want through our platfrom without any extra charges based on your sales volume, unlike the majority of services out there. 

10. Continuously evolving! In order to improve our service to all our customers, whether they are selling or buying online, we make sure we listen to all of your observations and take your feedback very seriously. We are also attending worldwide events to make sure we are up-to-date with the latest ecommerce trends. 

The best way to find out is to try it. Sign-up here

Bonus: Next-level tools coming up soon, so stay tuned!



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Jerry Thomson
2017-03-11 02:00:31

Wow, great list. I'll definitely give these a go.