3 Great Ways to Find a Reseller for Your Products

Alex Makrides 19/04/2017 3 Comments

Despite today's interconnected world of information, finding the right associates still poses a challenge to every manufacturer wishing to expand business locally and internationally.

To enhance your grasp on this issue, we've elaborated a bit further on three different ways you can currently use to find a reseller for your products.

1. The classic way: attend local and international Trade Fairs

These are large events usually focused at a specific industry or related industries, addressing to individuals or companies included or keen on these industries. Displaying at an expo has always been an incredible approach to publicise to an objective market, make new business connections and ultimately sell your products to new clients who are often based abroad.

It's vital to guarantee that you have completely inquired about going to a public expo or show, and if you have a business or marketing consultant, talk to them about it.

There are certain risks and challenges that you must know in advance while in the planning stages :

  • Trade shows require no less than a full day plus several days or weeks in advance for preparation. This means you need to take into account how this prior time investment is used for the best and without interfering with other business tasks that need to take place at the same time. It may be wise to assign a great deal of preparation to an external sales/marketing or a technical person and monitor progress.
  • Participation in Trade Shows, especially prestigious ones that attract thousands of international visitors, is a costly investment. A considerable amount of the budget involves reaching the highest standards. If your budget is really tight it may be wise to cut from other marketing tactics that may not bring the same results you are after because once you decide about an Expo, you have to go all the way.
  • There is usually a considerable amount of competition, right next to you. It can often be distracting watching your competitor having made an excellent presentation and substantial investment. The key here is to neglect it by focusing on your potential customer and showing how your product or service gives results. Usually competition makes us better so it’s great to have it.
  • Language is an important parameter during a trade show. Make sure you have a representative that can speak to international clients and that you have brochures in English to hand-out to your potential clients. If the event takes place in a non-english-speaking country, hire a local sales person for communication with the local clients and preferably prepare brochures for the said language. Always have promoters giving fliers or other gifts and attracting attention to your stand.
  • Picking the wrong Expo can be a loss of time and money. Study all information thoroughly before you apply and call organisers to ask them specific questions you may have. Conclude that it’s the right event for you and your business. Don’t worry if you miss this one because there’s always a more suitable one you can attend.
  • Promotion is  of utmost importance but it would be a pity to not get results for all your efforts. Poor promotion can mean the expenses of going to a Trade Show go wasted simply because you didn't invest enough. Always make sure you have the right budget for it otherwise it's best to wait and invest in more economical strategies.

2.         Scout an Industrial Area

This can be an essential procedure in the pre-generation phase of any business. It’s a guerilla approach to discover some local and established distributors/resellers who may be interested to promote and sell your newly developed product, or, other manufacturing companies who may be interested to implement parts you produce for their final product.

The benefits:

·             It’s free.
·             It’s fast.
·            It’s face-to-face and you can meet them as many times as necessary to discuss all aspects, visit their warehouses and premises and even come up with more ways to cooperate.

Going by an industrial area empowers you to meet your imminent business accomplices and conceive the nature of their business first hand. It also enables them to gain deep understanding on your products. Give them straight away a number of samples for testing and all legitimate documentation, patents and possible qualifications your product has earned.

3. Use a mighty weapon, the Internet

There are surely a few ways online to find foreign resellers/importers/distributors for your products but we’ll talk about the one we know best. TradeLizard is a fantastic way to meet your potential associates, ready to do business with you.

We are continuously growing our network of thousands of resellers to whom we give instant updates regarding your company and added products. At the same time, our marketing tactics have helped us build a sufficient flow of visitors and traffic coming every month that now reaches 200.000 and growing.

Having talked to hundreds of manufacturers like you, we’ve pinned down all needs, requirements and issues in order to create a service that you can take advantage today and see the results, even with your existing clients.

All your products are listed in thorough detail that gives immediately a clear understanding to a visitor about what a product does and the scope of the company developing it.

Your potential clients can instantly communicate with you and we’ve taken it a step forward to build an offer request system that includes product customisation. Additional automations save you time and make the whole process a really smooth one. Your offer template draws data from received customer request and you may edit as you please based on what has been discussed or negotiated.

We also offer your clients a payment facility that gives them a safety they can count on, without any additional cost to you or them. And it doesn’t end there. Choosing our Golden Plan, gives you insights on your monthly sales and useful ways on how you can increase them. It also gives your company a Verified Manufacturer status by sending us all relevant documentation and information to be analysed by our team of financial and legal experts.

Last but not least, our focus on tech-related industries makes this a more elite environment that fosters quality products and promotes innovation. Make the right choice for the future of your company at a minimal cost. Your success is our success.

Alex M. & The TradeLizard Team

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